Wireless Internet Equipment Essential to Every Successful Business

Wireless Internet Equipment Essential to Every Successful Business

Wireless internet has become an essential part of modern life. Indeed, it’s as ubiquitous as Friends’ repeats and sausage sangers at Bunnings. It’s the rise of the mobile device, laptops, tablets and smartphones that have driven the revolution. Most kids these days have a need to be constantly connected to the internet. Consequently, when faced with a loss of mobile service, they tend to gasp and flail about like fish on a jetty until normal service has been resumed. It seems wireless internet, for some, has become like air itself.

Businesses Thrive with Wireless Internet

It’s time to unshackle your workforce. A recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit claims that employees connected to a wireless internet connection all day can produce a 16% boost in productivity. That’s around 6 hours per 40-hour week. Furthermore, there’s now a trend towards BYOD. No, not Bring Your Own Dog, but Device. A BYOD regime creates a sense of empowerment for employees, therefore increasing their sense of job satisfaction and loyalty.

Wireless Internet – Let’s look at the boxes

At the heart of an office wireless internet setup is the router. This is the box that connects to your internet connection (ADSL, NBN) and then transmits the connection without wires around the office. It’ll allow a set number of consecutive connections and share out the bandwidth between the devices. Next is the Wireless Access Point. These enable various wired networks to join the party and increase the wireless range of your internet connection. Another major boon for the ‘hot-desking’ office is a wireless print server. These allow easy connection from mobile devices no matter where they are. In fact, you can even print in the office from home.

Working with Wireless Internet Can Create Security Risks

Risks abound with any connection to the internet but none more so than wireless connections. Be sure to identify the potential risks and take appropriate preventative action with a solid data security plan. This entails enabling encryption, hiding your network, and improving your firewalls.

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