What Are Managed IT Services?

What Are Managed IT Services?

This article explains what managed IT services are and identifies the different components of a managed IT service plan.

Managed IT services entail outsourcing your business’s information technology (IT) to your chosen IT company. They will provide you, and your employees IT support as well as strategically manage your IT infrastructure at a fixed price.

Unlike Blue Sky IT Consulting, some less-reputable IT service providers might see a financial benefit in a break-fix arrangement and being called out for continuous issues. Whereas the managed IT services model assure you that your IT provider will be keeping your business running as efficiently as possible.

A managed IT service provider will be focused on addressing the cause of a problem rather than applying quick “band-aid” fixes. Your provider will implement all the necessary policies regarding security and permission control requirements as well as continually monitor the health of your network.

Tailoring Your Managed IT Services

Here are some components of a managed IT plan that you may like to outsource:

Application Management

Key applications such as Office 365 and accounting systems are common examples of this segment.

Managed Infrastructure

This includes the management of your server, storage, network and internet. This infrastructure can be on premises or in the cloud.

Managed Hardware

This includes the management and monitoring of all your desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices.

Managed Security

Your business’s security is extremely important. The world of security is ever changing and evolving. Keeping up with the latest security developments requires a high level of expertise, knowledge and constant monitoring.

Service Desk

This is the unlimited remote IT support for your employees.

Scheduled Onsite Visits

Even though a service desk allows your engineers to perform tasks remotely, don’t underestimate the benefits of some face to face time for your employees to investigate their queries and to get to know your IT engineers.

Cost Of A Managed IT Service Plan

Managed IT service plans are usually calculated by the number of devices you have, the equipment, users, and the applications that will need to be managed by your IT provider.


For any questions about how our managed IT services can work for your business or a free assessment of your IT strategy, call Blue Sky IT Consulting.

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