3 Common Myths About VoIP – What is it Exactly

3 Common Myths About VoIP – What is it Exactly?

VoIP is an incredible proven technology. However, although it’s been around since the ’90s, it still remains shrouded in mystery and myth. Maybe it’s the acronym within an acronym someone gave it. VoIP means Voice Over IP which unpacks to; Voice Over Internet Protocol. Don’t worry if this still isn’t clear, we’ll get to that later. The thing is, some countries, and states in the US, are beginning to set deadlines to end the traditional landline. VoIP is here to stay and will soon dominate global telephony. So why the fallacies? Let’s have a look at the common myths surrounding this technology.

Myth 1. VoIP Sound Quality is Bad

If you had any experience with the early systems from the ’90s, then you’d know they were a bit hit and miss. The sound was poor, there were echoes and crackles, and calls often dropped out. Connecting could be a challenge too. And if John from management was downloading a report at the same time then, well, forget it. Rest assured, everything is different now, so it’s time to take another look. Why? Firstly, internet speeds are vastly improved. Next, VoIP technology is now tried and tested. Lastly, vendors have matured and will welcome a trial period before you buy.

Myth 2. VoIP is too Technical (just look at the name!)

Of course, there’s a technical side to this technology, but it’s not something to stress about. Most companies opt for hosted services, so the techy stuff is taken care of for you. All you need is to make sure your internet connection is fast enough and that you buy SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phones. The vendor will look after the rest.

Myth 3. It’s insecure over the Internet

Why would this be a particular concern when companies continue to use the Internet for emails and cloud services? Obviously, any data that travels through the Internet poses a security risk. That’s why security protocols are put in place for VoIP the same as for other data sources.

The Bottom Line

The fact is, VoIP offers small and large companies state-of-the-art telephony systems that are great value. The systems are flexible, scalable and future proof. Maybe it’s time you thought about switching over?

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