Tailor Your Telephone System to Match Your Business Needs

Tailor Your Telephone System to Match Your Business Needs

A modern business telephone system is part of the digital convergence phenomena. Simply put, digital convergence is the morphing together of all types of media and communications as they become more similar. Your smartphone is a good example. We used to carry everything separately. A mobile phone, a calculator, a diary (or Filofax if you were really 90’s cool) a laptop, a tape measure, maps (maps! folding paper maps and city A to Z’s – can you imagine that anymore?). All of this, and much more, is now crammed into your smartphone, tablet or iPad.
With this in mind, the business telephone system equivalent is the VoIP revolution, let’s have a look at what’s on offer.

What is a Voice Over IP telephone system?

VoIP systems utilise your existing internet connection to make and receive calls via your desktop or laptop computer, hence, ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’. This type of telephone system is rapidly evolving and has become the first choice for many businesses.  In fact, internet telephony offers services and benefits unparalleled by traditional phones.

Better mobility and flexibility
Beyond saving money, a VoIP telephone system provides the ability to access other applications at the same time. For example, these might be e-mail, e-fax and video conferencing. Furthermore, VoIP users aren’t tied to one particular extension location. They can login anywhere with a simple pin code. They can also take their adapters with them and use them outside of the office.

Increased Productivity
Internet telephony can aid productivity by enabling access to a number of applications simultaneously. VoIP technology has seen considerable improvements since the early days. We now have excellent voice clarity, low latency and cheaper calls.

Easy to set-up, use and manage
VoIP telephone systems do not require any further wiring. If you have broadband or NBN then you’re ready to go. All you need is software, VoIP compatible phones or headsets and maybe a change of modem. In addition, expansion of the system in the future is simple and mostly software based.

If you’re looking at changing, upgrading or starting fresh with a great value, flexible, modern telephone system, talk to Blue Sky IT consulting today.
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