Surveillance Cameras and Alarm Systems Port Macquarie.

Blu Sky I.T. Pty Ltd (ML 000103502)

For genuine peace of mind, monitor and protect your business with surveillance cameras and alarm systems designed for your specific space.

Blue Sky IT Consulting, Port Macquarie have a wealth of industry experience and take pride on offering a wide range of products and systems to suit the security needs of your business.

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Without video surveillance and a high quality alarm system your premises will never be completely secure. Blue Sky IT Consulting understand the importance of protecting your building, contents and staff, so strive to deliver the best security solutions for you.

Popular technologies and features in our security systems include:

  • CCTV
  • Alarms
  • Motion Sensing with email notifications
  • Access Card Systems

We work with you to provide the best security combination and volume that works for your business or space.

We are experts and leaders in this field and are partners of Telstra SNP, keeping you always connected and secure, wherever you are.

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