6 Tips For Moving Your IT Setup When Relocating

6 Tips For Moving Your IT Setup When Relocating

Needing to relocate to larger premises because your business has outgrown a space is usually always a good thing. With some careful planning, you can avoid what could become a giant logistical headache.

Here are six things to consider before the relocation:

1)     Time to re-evaluate your IT setup

Relocating your business can give you a chance to look at things with a fresh perspective. You might like to use this opportunity to evaluate your existing IT setup and assess whether or not your IT infrastructure can still support the future growth of your business.

2)     What are you moving?

It is typical for different businesses to be at various stages of development when it comes to their IT department. It may just be one overloaded and overworked IT technician keeping track of all the businesses assets or a fully developed IT department making sure they know every aspect of your IT setup.

Either way, it is crucial that you know which assets you have across the business in order to plan and practise and make sure that nothing gets lost in transit.

It may also be an ideal time to review your existing hardware. Once your inventory is completed, you will be able to see what you should keep, discard or upgrade.

3)     What are possible complications?

Sometimes there may be some unanticipated IT issues following a relocation; This may incur a significant and unexpected cost to your business because of downtime and being unable to work at your usual capacity. When you’re making the move make sure it is communicated to any external stakeholders, they will need to be aware of any interruption to their usual service.

It is possible that you may experience problems with your internet and Wi-Fi connections so it is worth planning ahead to cater for any issues once the move is complete.

4)     Should I have specialist help?

Having an expert to manage any logistical complications can be a huge help. In most situations it will be more efficient in terms of time, risk and cost to hire an IT consultant to manage the whole process from beginning to end.

5)     Network and equipment capabilities

Relocation can be the perfect opportunity for you to assess your current network and hardware infrastructure and how well it has been working. Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • Could a new IT setup be more efficient for my business?
  • Would it be worthwhile upgrading the phone systems?
  • Should we install fibre-optic cable?
  • Should we upgrade hardware and equipment?

6)     In-house server vs. cloud hosting

With the benefits to in-house servers and cloud storage or combining the two, now might be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your data storage.

Cloud servers are cost-effective, flexible, scalable and offer protection from physical on-site damage. On the other hand, users will be at the mercy of connectivity, and there is potential vulnerabilities to third-party breaches.

Having your server onsite allows you to have physical control over your server also keeping your data in-house – you may want to consider this option due to the increasing need for personal data protection. However, one downfall to in-house servers is the required up-front investment as well as needing rack space or even a dedicated server room.

In some cases combining virtual servers with cloud hosting can provide more benefits while alleviating some of the risks.


If you are planning on a business relocation the team here at Blue Sky IT Consulting are ready to help. So let us take the stress out of your IT setup.

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