How To Reduce Downtime For Your Business

How To Reduce Downtime For Your Business

No matter the size of your business, maximising its productivity and minimising its cost is always a priority. With our ever-growing technology dependence, a minor misconfiguration or a full-scale systems failure can lead to reduced productivity, or worse yet, a complete business shutdown.

How Much Does Business Downtime Cost you?

Productivity and sales can be slowed or halted completely through business downtime. The cost to your business can be huge when you consider the number of staff members affected, the impact on productivity, how long the downtime lasts and the cost per hour per employee. Taking steps to reduce downtime is imperative seeing as the scale of the outage increases, so does the associated loss.

What must also be considered is the loss of potential revenue associated with your business’s downtime. For example, if the IT systems fail you could miss out future sales because of angry customers.

Preventative Measures To Reduce Downtime

Like any other problem, you need to understand what the cause is. The most common causes of being out of action include software and hardware failure, weather and natural disasters, human error and power cuts. One way to reduce downtime is software updates. While software may be a significant cause of business disruptions, that problem is usually not too hard to rectify. Making sure that you install all the available updates for your software will help to ensure optimal performance and minimise the risk of system failures. With cyber threats continuing to evolve and materialise, some older systems may not have required security capacity and become obvious targets. Being aware of the risks posed by the use of outdated systems and reviewing your software at timely intervals will ensure it remains relevant, fit for purpose and will reduce downtime.

Hardware Replacement

When hardware fails, it may be impossible to operate at all. For example with manufacturing, machines and presses require regular maintenance to ensure their functionality and efficiency. To reduce outages in this case, you can carry out preventative maintenance to stop issues before they arise and put relevant monitoring processes in place.

Staff Training

It is almost impossible to prevent human error – but investing in training will lower the frequency of it occurring and also help reduce downtime. When all employees are adequately trained on how to use the technology and software they use in their roles certain issues can be diminished.


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