Does Your Phone System Need Updating

Does Your Phone System Need Updating?

Communicating efficiently with your staff and clients is essential in running a successful business. Therefore, it is imperative that your phone system is both reliable and offers functions that will streamline your communications.

A professional phone system installation company can advise the best system to suit your business, and ways to adapt it as your company grows and evolves.

It is helpful to have a clear idea in your mind of what your business needs are so the best phone system can be selected and installed for you.

What Phone System Requirements Does Your Business Have?

Consider these questions to help you choose a phone system appropriate for your business.

  • What kind of calls does your business typically make in a working month? For example, staff to staff calls.
  • Inbound and outbound calls to clients, are they local, domestic or international?
  • Do you hold phone conferences, sales meetings or webinars?
  • How many phones will you need and where will they be placed? Some may be permanently fixed such as at a receptionist’s desk, others may need to be mobile for staff that are out and about.
  • Do you need fax facilities or credit card terminals?

Basic Phone System Features

  • Voice Mail – choose from options such as remote access, multiple greetings or long message capability.
  • Automated Attendant – all calls are answered by a recording that prompts the caller to choose a department or extension.
  • Hunt Group – this ensures calls are always answered, the system can be set up to direct calls to all available extensions or to route calls around the office till someone is free to answer. This is particularly beneficial in a sales or customer service environment.
  • Conferencing – ensure if enabling this function that you consider the maximum number of people that will be involved, some conferencing systems have a restricted number on the number of phones.
  • Hold music or message – most customers will hang up if they hear silence when they are on hold. So, if you are likely to have clients on hold it is important to have some kind of hold audio in place.
  • Caller ID – can be handy in identifying more important or unimportant calls.
  • Headset – useful for staff to access information while they are talking on the phone.
  • Speed dial and redial – great time savers.
  • Call forwarding – essential for transferring calls to internal, and if required external staff who are in a better position to deal with a client’s query.


More Advanced Phone System Features

Phone systems have evolved and there are now options such as Cloud based systems that allow extra features to benefit your business, depending on its size and service.

  • Mobility Features – as identified above, many businesses require mobile phones for staff that operate out of the office. With the more advanced phone systems you can utilise functions such as find me/follow me, enabling interaction from a desk phone for both receiving and making calls.
  • Unified messaging, is an added mobility feature, where a message is sent in various formats, usually via voice mail, email and SMS at the same time. This is a handy mobile feature as it ensures your staff receive a message in a convenient way wherever they are at the time.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) – is a way of monitoring a company’s current and potential customers. It uses data to analyse customer history and helps to find a way to improve upon customer relations. One of the main ways of acquiring data for CRM is via communication channels such as phones systems and internet interaction.
  • Integrated Instant Messaging (IM&P) – is a unified communications feature that can be integrated with your calendar and phone system. With this you can easily check staff availability presently and in the future, improving efficiency and saving time.
  • Administrator Portal – Admin can access the administration portal to make changes such as resetting passwords from any location.
  • Video Calling – is useful for face to face meetings from any location, either via mobile or HD voice desk phone.
  • Group Directory. – is a standard and useful tool for accessing the company directory from any handset.

Blue Sky IT Consulting offer the latest technology in phone systems and are more than happy to talk you through the many options available. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to advise, tailor and install the best phone system for your business.

Here at Blue Sky IT Consulting we also offer data cabling, Wi-Fi solutions, surveillance cameras and security systems, as well as a range of IT Support Services for Coffs Harbour businesses.


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