Why Should I Move to the Cloud

Why Should I Move to the Cloud?

What is the ‘cloud’ anyway? Put simply, cloud computing means the delivery of computing services via the internet. And because a business that uses cloud services does not need to be constrained by banks of servers or networking capacity, the number of services on offer is vast. These include storage, servers, networking, databases, software, analytics, and AI. In short, a cloud service, such as Microsoft cloud solutions, offers flexibility, innovative resources and economies of scale.

Are Microsoft Cloud Solutions Cheaper to Use?

Typically, businesses sign up for a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. This means you only pay for the services you use. As a result, you can expect a reduction in your operating costs and greater infrastructure efficiencies. Moreover, you’ll be able to quickly scale your requirements as your business needs change. So, think of Microsoft cloud solutions as renting almost unlimited computing power and capacity as if it were your own data centre. Plus, instead of the stress and costs of maintaining your own CPU’s, servers, and backups, all this is taken care of for you.

The Cloud is Now

Cloud computing enables a business to innovate and move faster than ever. And, in an ever-changing digital world, users are demanding more. They expect rich and immersive experiences with their devices and software. So, to keep pace with this new world, cloud-based services, such as Microsoft cloud solutions, provide speed and capacity. Consider all the new and different ways we interact with devices. For instance, use facial recognition and voice commands daily. Even household appliances and motor vehicles are using AI. These are just a few examples of the power of the cloud. So, is it time you moved to the cloud?

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