8 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Get Office 365

8 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Get Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office is the world’s most popular office software package. It’s been around since 1989 when it was first released for Mac computers. Since then it’s remained the number one office suite and has evolved consistently to become today’s Microsoft 365. The main difference is that the new Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based program that requires a monthly or annual subscription to use. So, what are the advantages of Microsoft 365 over normal Office?

1. Super Easy Setup

You need only basic IT skills to setup 365 for your business. In addition, users can be added and removed with ease.

2. Microsoft 365 Means Work on the Go

The 365 App allows users to work anywhere and have a consistent experience across multiple devices. In fact, each user can add it to 5 PC’s, tablets and phones.

3. Cloud collaboration

By having all your documents in one place in the cloud it’s easy to get organised. Also, you’ll save time sharing work because there’s no need to email stuff around and collaboration is real-time.  

4.  File Storage and Sharing

365 seamlessly integrates with cloud storage services making sharing and collaboration so easy. Now you can securely view, co-author, share files anywhere. OneDrive for Business is a great option for a SMBs.

5. Huge Mailbox Storage

OneDrive for Business offers plenty of fast storage for each employee – up to 1TB!

6. Priority access to new features and updates with Microsoft 365

In traditional Office, you only receive bug fixes and security updates. With Microsoft 365, you’ll also receive any new features and program updates as they appear.

7. Subscription-based Payment

Rather than shell out large sums up front, 365 allows users to pay monthly. In addition, you can also remove programs and feature if you don’t use them and save more money.  

8. Security Features

Microsoft invests vast sums each year to keep your cloud- based data safe. They do this with a number of features including: Email Encryption, Mobile Device Management tools, and Advanced Threat Analytics.

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