How A Managed Services Provider Can Reduce Your IT Costs

How A Managed Services Provider Can Reduce Your IT Costs

Keeping up with the latest IT innovations and security threats can be an expensive proposition. Consequently, for some small businesses, it might be tempting to improve the bottom line by cutting the budget for IT and spend less on technology. However, this may be damaging to your business’s security and your wallet. So, rather than increase your security risk and IT obsolescence, smart firms should consider moving their IT to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) model. Let’s take a quick tour of the cost-saving benefits.

MSP Means Low Monthly Fee

With a Managed Services Provider model, you can expect lower monthly costs when compared to an in-house IT team. This is because the MSP IT professionals will be working for other clients who’ll be sharing the costs. This creates savings but still gives you 24-hour monitoring and support. In addition, a Managed Services Provider brings predictability to monthly costs because you’ll agree a fixed fee that suits your business. This arrangement provides clear benefits when compared to traditional IT setups that can create substantial budget blow-outs when things go wrong.

A Managed Services Provider Can Reduce Downtime

Small businesses are heavily impacted by downtime. Every minute means lost productivity and disgruntled clients. An MSP setup can significantly reduce downtime by providing a more pro-active approach to your system’s management. This is mostly achieved by 24 monitoring, pre-emptive upgrades, constant patching of security vulnerabilities, and better software update scheduling.

MSP’s Improve Efficiency and Support

Moving to outsourced IT management means gaining a whole team of IT professionals who will help strategize for your future needs. You’ll no longer be constrained by a generic, inflexible system, you can get precisely what your business needs. Moreover, you’ll actually see improved efficiencies and enhanced business growth.  Additionally, expert advice on system upgrades, better software, and IT strategies will be free-flowing.

Talk to us at Blue Sky IT Consulting today about moving to a Managed Services Provider model. We can offer a free consultation and MSP plan to future-proof your business.
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