Managed IT Roles Every Modern Company Needs to Stay Competitive

Managed IT Roles Every Modern Company Needs to Stay Competitive

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For most modern businesses, it’s the IT team that form the backbone of the company. They maintain the flow of information that keeps employees productive. However, IT roles are rapidly becoming the most challenging jobs to fill. Moreover, because technology is continually changing, you need well-trained, tier-one IT staff. Not just to meet the growing demands of a mobile-first consumer base but also to outpace the competition. So, which managed IT roles, in-house or outsourced, do you need to remain competitive?

Managed IT Roles You Need

IT is a vast industry with many specialities and niches. Consequently, it’s impossible to be an expert in it all. However, you don’t just need IT support. To really benefit, you need well trained IT personnel that can proactively implement appropriate technology to move towards your company vision.
Let’s examine three critical IT roles to focus your hiring efforts on this year.

1. Hardware Technician

Hardware techs repair and maintain computers and servers. Their role includes upgrades, installation, security and support of high-quality corporate networks and computer systems. It’s important to not underestimate the benefits of good-quality hardware technicians. After all, many devastating attacks such as Spectre and Wannacry caused debilitating damage due to outdated patches.

2. Help Desk Analyst/ Help Desk Support

Help Desk Analysts are the frontline of IT support. Essentially, they support the business by troubleshooting and resolving technical issues. This keeps employees productive and customers happy. They can be considered the gatekeepers who identify and escalate security issues, network failures and other issues. They may also diagnose and troubleshoot more complex issues.

3. Network Administrator/Engineer

Network Administrators and Engineers will possess a detailed understanding of your companies’ network. Furthermore, they don’t just monitor and repair the network; they will design your network to scale and grow in the future. Also, they will be responsible for implementing and integrating new technology and ensuring optimum performance and up-time.

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