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What do you do when those pesky IT problems interrupt your work day? Your system has a virus, your server is acting up, printer won’t print, your system has confusing errors or a terminal has died. Or maybe your software needs to be updated or upgraded but you don’t know where to start or what the consequences of those upgrades will be.

If you have a managed IT services contract, or your own IT personnel, it’s a simple case of contacting them to sort it out under your service plan.

What do you do though if you don’t have an IT service plan? Maybe your business is too small to justify an IT management contract, or you have in-house IT personnel but they’ve encountered an issue that they haven’t experienced before.

Not sure where to start? Speak to an IT expert.

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Don’t worry. We’re happy to help – even without a service contract.

Blue Sky IT Consulting, Port Macquarie, provide prompt and efficient solutions to all IT problems. From computer repairs to full IT systems support, hardware and software issues.

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