The Benefits of an IT Assessment

The Benefits of an IT Assessment

An IT assessment is an impartial assessment of your IT system by an independent company. The objective is to ensure that your system is operating optimally, securely and is compliant. Moreover, even if you have internal IT staff, bringing in independent system specialists makes sense. Our team at Blue Sky IT Consulting will partner with you to correct errors and build strategies for the future. Furthermore, right now, we’re offering a complete IT assessment for free. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of our Free Computer Audit.

Employee Awareness

Completing an assessment will bring benefits to your employees, such as increased productivity and awareness. After all, most employees are motivated to do the right thing. Therefore more understanding of login protocols and threats such as viruses and phishing emails will benefit everyone.

Reveal Vulnerabilities

Our IT assessment will get to the heart of the problem and seek out network vulnerabilities. We’ll provide ways to close them off. This includes both internal and external weaknesses.

IT Assessment for Budget Planning

Our detailed report will provide a budget for IT equipment upgrades and software improvements. Moreover, the report will be complete with justifications and a list of benefits going forward. This process will also be integral to your future IT structure.

Record of Due Diligence

Completing this IT assessment process will provide a detailed record of the precautions and improvements you have undertaken to secure your system. Consequently, it can help prevent legal issues and be presented to insurance companies, regulators, partners and even prospective clients.

An IT Assessment Improves Staff Communication

An IT risk report will involve staff right across your organisation. As such, it provides an excellent ice-breaker to discuss security and its importance. Finally, make no mistake, security threats to Australian businesses are on the rise.

Secure your business now and call our skilled team at Blue Sky IT Consulting to book your Free Computer Audit.

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