7 Ways to Create a Fun Company Culture

7 Ways to Create a Fun Company Culture

Whatever kind of company you run or are involved with, be it an IT company, manufacturing, management, recruiting, real estate, we can all benefit from some fun at work. In fact, recent research has shown that having regular ‘fun activities’ at work can increase engagement and productivity. Of course, most people have regarded enviously the hip young organisations like Google and Red Bull. We see their brightly coloured work areas with tables groaning with piles of delicious free snacks and drinks. They look like carefree playgrounds, not places of work. However, most companies don’t have to go that far to gain benefits by creating a fun company culture. So, here are some simple ways of improving your company culture.

Ways to Create a Fun Company Culture

1. Feed the Team

It’s clear that a well-fed team is a happy team. Some companies provide snack rooms and juice bars. Why not put on a monthly BBQ or pizza party? Enjoying good food together builds better communication and friendship.

2. Play Time

Having a break and playing with co-workers can boost co-operation and creativity. Pool tables, basketball hoops, arcade and video games (great for an IT company) and table tennis are all popular contenders.

3. Stress Relief

When a big deadline is looming and your staff are getting cranky, consider some worthwhile stress relief to keep everyone chilled. So, try a mobile masseuse, a Yoga session or a maybe meditation class.

4. Doggy Days

Opening the office up once a week or month to their furry friends is great relaxation therapy for everyone. Indeed, having a dog-friendly workplace has been linked to increased productivity and happier workers.

5. Sunshine Time

Remember morning assemblies and lessons outside on sunny days? How good did that feel? Well, try letting anyone who wants to have some sunshine time for an hour or so. Rest assured, the effect will be restorative and refreshing.

6. Office Outings

What better way to build your team than to go out and have fun together? So, try bowling or go-karts, golf or a BBQ, the options are endless.

7. Play Dress-up

Bring a bit of competitiveness to your Mufti days (no suits!) by offering prizes for the most original outfits. Alternatively, how about Worst Tie Day or Christmas in July?

Obviously, there are lots of ways to make your workplace more fun. Maybe set up a ‘fun committee’ to get the ideas flowing. The fact is, maintaining a happy workplace will help you keep, and attract top talent. Blue Sky IT Consulting are an IT company that like likes to balance fun with productivity. Talk to us about some ideas today!

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