How to Recover Lost Files

How to Recover Lost Files?

We’ve all been there. One minute we’re happily creating or editing a file. The next we’re staring at the screen in utter disbelief that the file has gone. Also, have you noticed that the importance of the file is generally in direct proportion to the chances of it going ‘poof’ in the first place? Well, the good news is that all may not be lost. In fact, a file is rarely completely lost, it just depends on what level of resources you want to throw at it. This could range from launching a Windows 10 data recovery program such as Windows File Recovery or you may need to bring in the data recovery experts. So, let’s have a look at the common causes of data loss and the best ways to get the precious data back.

Common Causes of Data Loss

Data or file loss can happen for many reasons. A common cause is a deletion by human error. This is easily fixed by finding the file in the Recycle Bin. Next, select to restore it to its original location. If, however, you’ve already emptied the Recycle Bin, you must stop using the computer. This helps prevent the lost data from being over-written. At this stage, you might be able to recover the file by using System Backup. Beyond a basic accidental file delete or over-write, other causes include natural disasters, such as fire or flood, damaged equipment, cyber-attacks and system failure.

Professional Data Recovery in Coffs Harbour

Data loss will happen from time to time. So, the best approach is to be pro-active and put a robust data backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Every business requires a personalised backup and recovery solution but essential components of this service generally include:

  1. Developing a clear disaster recovery plan
  2. Provide both off-site and/or cloud backup of critical data and files
  3. Backup to the cloud at 15 minutes intervals
  4. Perform regular testing and backup audits
  5. Stress testing the disaster recovery plan to confirm the efficiency

If you’d like to explore data recovery, data backup and disaster recovery plans for your business, talk to our friendly team at Blue Sky IT Consulting today. Don’t wait until it’s too late, start a plan today!

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