Data Cabling and Phone Systems Coffs Harbour.

Your branding and reputation depend a lot on how you communicate. Blue Sky IT Consulting, Coffs Harbour offer the latest communication technologies adaptable for all business models across all industries to ensure you never outgrow your phone system.

Our IT experts have a wealth of experience in providing cabling solutions, VOIP and PBX phone systems that work for all businesses; from small start-ups to large corporations.

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Blue Sky IT Consulting’s team of highly skilled and experienced experts have devised a range of phone systems that will enable your business to communicate the right way, internally and externally.

We offer comprehensive solutions for installing room handsets for a variety of specialist areas requiring constant phone use, such as real estate, medical and hospitality. Our data cabling solutions are likewise suitable across multiple sectors and are essential for NBN and new premises.

Blue Sky IT Consulting’s cost-efficient practices and internet-aided phone installations will significantly reduce your phone bill costs. We guarantee a timely response and quick installation, so your business will be on the phone in no time, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Furthermore, our experts will happily install and guide you and your staff through useful features such as messages on hold, IVRs and virtual receptionists.

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