5 Ways to Increase Cyber Security For Your Business

5 Ways to Increase Cyber Security For Your Business

Cyber attacks often leave businesses with heightened senses around their virtual vulnerabilities. Recent reports suggest that small businesses are at significant risk of cyber attacks, not just high-profile tech companies or big banks like what is often perceived. Realising that it is hard to steal money from large enterprises, criminals are focusing on the more vulnerable smaller businesses who don’t have the budget for sophisticated cyber security. 10-year-old tech like firewalls and anti-virus software is not up to scratch when it comes to new attacks. Start-up businesses are also at risk, with some finding a guy they know who is “tech savvy” to handle there IT instead of an expert who is “security savvy”.

Here are five easy ways to help boost your cyber security and resilience:

Know What is Valuable

There is not any business that is ‘too small’ to get noticed. Ransomware is hitting smaller businesses harder than ever before, and attackers are not just trying to access money. Personal information about your employees and customers is valuable to these criminals and a lucrative way to commit identity fraud.

Train Your Staff

Most small businesses don’t have the budget to employ people that are entirely dedicated to cyber security. Businesses with fewer than 30 employees are particularly vulnerable to phishing attacks. This is where criminals send fraudulent emails with added links in an attempt to get people to enter their email details. These attackers also send bogus invoices that seem to be from reputable companies with changed bank details.

Try to get your staff thinking about business risks, get them onboard, engaged and involved with cyber security. Introduce training videos, external consults or even run simulation scams. Staff training is one of the most important ways of combating avoidable cyber-attacks, so keep your employees aware and mindful of scams.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication requires a second piece of information that only that only a single user would know before they can log-in. Commonly a security code will be sent to your mobile or other device which will allow only you access. This measure is very effective when it comes to limiting unauthorised access.

Know Where Your Data Is

If your business is using online storage or cloud providers, it is important that you know where your data is hosted, as some storage carries a higher security risk than others. For example, clouds storage is a safer option than keeping information in emails; many people do this and often have only one copy of tbeir data not knowing that emails are one of the easiest parts of your business to hack.

Be Aware

Often people do not see cyber security as an issue until they experience a breach. Just by raising awareness of cyber security risks around the office and business can make a difference. Have policies in place and promote responsible use of equipment and devices not only for employees but also contractors that come and go.

For a professional assessment and recommendations for your business’s cyber security, get in touch with Blue Sky IT Consulting.

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