Computer stress - What is it and what to do about it

Computer stress – What is it? And what to do about it

‘Computer stress’ is a modern phenomenon caused by computer issues, slow internet and network connections, poor software and OS crashes. Basically, anything that slows down acceptable productivity. It’s that building sense of anxiety and the powerful urge to chuck the PC or laptop out of the nearest window. So, if you see someone biting down on their keyboard, then they’re probably suffering from computer stress! Seriously though, it’s a real issue and can cause health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and sometimes worse. From a business perspective, computer stress means declining productivity. So, what can we do to overcome it?

Solve Your Computer Issues

Since general computer issues are the root cause, here’s what you can do.

Update your systems – Running old PC’s that need constant repairs and maintenance will be a significant contributor. Unfortunately, it’s also that grinding slow start-up and operation that’s the stuff of nightmares.

Regular system maintenance – Ensure that your IT system is updated correctly. Moreover, schedule this work to happen outside of regular office hours. Also, consider preventative maintenance and monitoring a priority. This way, when your employees arrive, they can smash the work out without any hassles.

Invest in Fast Internet – Why put the brakes on productivity with a slow internet connection? Indeed, slow internet is a significant cause of computer stress. So, find out what’s the best internet connection you can buy and get it happening asap.

Train your People – We know that the IT environment is dynamic. Therefore, staying at the forefront means greater productivity. However, this only works if your staff are thoroughly trained and kept up to date. Essentially, leaving employees floundering in a quagmire of new tech is a recipe for computer stress.

Learn how to avoid computer stress developing in your business and give our team at Blue Sky IT Consulting a call today.

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