How Commercial Wi-Fi has Changed the World

How Commercial Wi-Fi has Changed the World

It’s all Tim’s fault. Tim Berners-Lee and his nerdy band of white lab coats. Huddled together in a dusty computer lab back in the 1980’s, surviving off Twinkies and black coffee, they just couldn’t stop twiddling, could they? They probably saw the world like Neo when he finally becomes ‘The One’ – all streaming code that only they could see. Then, on August 6 1991, all of their efforts came to fruition and Tim uploaded the first ever web page.

The race for commercial Wi-Fi

And so, that was it, the beginning of the end of life as we knew it. Life, both in and out of work, has seen a whirlwind of change and tech advances ever since. Similarly, with businesses quickly realising both the efficiency and cost benefits of the internet, the race was on to create a wireless internet. The answer came in 1992 from an Australian, Richard O’Sullivan who was working at the CRISO at the time. Ultimately, it was a couple of decades before it became a widely accessible commercial wi-fi.

Commercial Wi-Fi is as abundant as blueberries in Spring

Most businesses today would find it very difficult to operate without commercial wi-fi. Indeed, an un-tethered workforce is now considered paramount. In fact, recent studies have shown a considerable increase in productivity if employees are able to access their work wirelessly and at any time. Today’s modern employee is a ‘hot desking’ BYOD (Bring your Own Device) mobile entity. Free to roam and work wherever necessary.  In cities, most café and restaurant businesses provide wi-fi for customers as a way to entice them to stay awhile. In addition, with the rise of social media, is an increase in crime reporting is occurring globally. This is because folks are able to instantly share the events happening around them.

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