Cloud Solutions.

Cloud computing has been around for years, and has proved to be an efficient and cost-effective way of working for businesses of all sizes. However, insecurity and confusion about “the cloud” still exist, preventing companies from taking the necessary steps to reap the benefits of cloud solutions.

At Blue Sky IT Consulting, a Coffs Harbour-based IT & cloud specialist, we’re highly experienced in cloud solutions. We can explain the options and benefits to you and are keen to find the most effective cloud computing services for your particular business.

Benefits of our business cloud computing services.


Only get the systems and software you actually need


Access your systems, software and files from any internet connection

File sharing

Easy file sharing between employees from any internet connection

Cost savings

Stop buying / replacing IT infrastructure, only pay for what you use


Easily monitor your cloud services and make changes when needed

Increased productivity

No down time; immediate access to data from anywhere

Always up-to-date

Enjoy modern technologies and immediate software updates

Peace of mind

Outsource your cloud management to us and enjoy peace of mind

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Cloud / Private Cloud

Cloud services are available for business of all types and sizes. Cloud solutions provide the convenience of sharing files and documents between PCs with extensive program and file backup capabilities.

For small businesses where no more than 6 PCs need file sharing capabilities, a private cloud solution is most suitable.

Private cloud is a fully outsourced and customised computing infrastructure for your business. Rather than buying servers, software licenses, network equipment and data centre space, buy all of them bundled as a managed service.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

When you start using Software as a Service (SaaS) you will notice the benefits immediately. No more installs and upgrades of software on your systems, or time spent installing software on new computers. Your users simply access your software applications online. The software you sign up for is hosted in the cloud and updates are automatically applied.

Microsoft Office 365

Most offices use the Microsoft Office suite of desktop applications. Instead of buying additional licences for new staff and installing all the software on their computers, why not switch to Microsoft’s cloud solution: Office 365.

Office 365 brings together all the latest versions of Microsoft’s Office applications such as Word, Outlook, Access, Excel and PowerPoint, plus a range of other useful communication and collaboration tools.

With flexible Office 365 business plans, you only pay an amount per user per month, and you can adjust your plans to suit your needs at any time.

Cloud Storage, Synchronisation and Back-ups

The cloud is home to a range of excellent and easy-to-use file storage applications such as Box, Dropbox, Aerofs and Google Apps. Using cloud storage makes it easy to share and synchronise files.

Google AppsCloud servers are also an easy and cost-effective way to securely and automatically back up all your files and office documents.

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