Are You Cloud Infrastructure Ready

The Future of Networking is in the Cloud. Are You Cloud Infrastructure Ready?

What exactly is the Cloud and Cloud Infrastructure?

I saw a T-shirt for sale recently, it read, ‘The Cloud is just someone else’s Computer’. That’s right, it has nothing to do with stratocumulus or cirrostratus clouds in the sky. You really don’t have to worry that if it rained, your data might come pouring down. So, the Cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. Instead of storing and accessing files and programs on your local hard drive, you access your stuff via the internet. And the server with your data on it could be anywhere. These servers are your cloud infrastructure. Rest assured, this way of working is the future. More and more companies are realising the benefits such as flexibility, productivity and cost-saving. Let’s have a look at how you can prepare for the Cloud revolution.

Make an assessment of your current infrastructure

Have a look at your current setup and start thinking about it in terms of moving to a Cloud infrastructure. What can be moved first and which parts need a new approach? At this stage, take advice. Talk to an experience IT firm about your appropriate schedule and strategy. Also, at this early stage, you’ll need to consider possible network upgrades to ensure a low-latency Cloud infrastructure. Be assured, your staff will quickly become frustrated with a slow system. In short, think ‘Cloud-first’ and you’ll move gradually to a complete Cloud setup.

Create a Robust Security Plan

Cloud service providers will have their own data security systems in place. But what about you? You need to devise a security plan that enables secure but quick access to your new cloud infrastructure. Also, you’ll need to ensure your policies are compatible with your new providers. Think about a single sign-on procedure rather that a clumsy and time consuming sign-on for every program. Data security is probably your biggest challenge during the change-over period and requires careful planning and implementation.

The Cloud Creates Cultural Change

Ultimately, a Cloud Infrastructure will simplify your IT system. Once you’re through the teething, tantrums and testing, life in the Cloud should be smoother. No more throbbing server rooms that triple your energy bill and make your fillings vibrate as you walk past. Now you have 24/7 access to your Cloud IT experts and 24/7 access to your data and programs from anywhere.

Talk to Blue Sky IT Consulting today about enabling your transition to the Cloud.

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