Cloud Backup - The Affordable and Effective Data Management Solution

Cloud Backup: The Affordable and Effective Data Management Solution

Cloud backup offers an effective way for businesses to save and store data generated by their business. Cloud backup is a system that automatically saves and stores data via a proprietary or public network to an off-site server.

Data management is an area in business that is often neglected or misunderstood. Being able to quickly access critical records aids the smooth running of a business and if necessary resolve financial issues or even prevent them from arising.

Previously, direct data systems have been used and it seems a lot of businesses are reluctant to move towards cloud backup for various reasons. However, the conventional direct data systems they are using consist of expensive hardware physically present on the premises and are costly, time consuming and risky, exposing businesses to the very real risk of losing critical data.

Cloud backup alleviates many of the inefficiencies of direct data storage and offers businesses of all sizes an affordable, convenient and safe data backup system.

The Top Four Advantages of Cloud Backup

1) Cost

Cloud backup is available in various sizes to suit the budget and size of your business. Unlike the bulky expensive direct data systems that require the purchase of hardware and software systems, the cloud is implemented into the existing IT structure reducing the cost of equipment and allowing room for more business focused IT software.

2) Security

All files that are sent to the cloud are automatically encrypted. The only way to access data is by using the decryption code which is only available to the owner. This level of security far outweighs direct data storage.

3) Off site

Files can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. This enables you to access any file from anywhere at any time.

Cloud backup is not physically present at the premises of the business so therefore is not prone to risks such as fire, flood and theft.

4) Automatic

Data is automatically backed up, therefore eliminating the time-consuming process of manually saving and filing, thus less prone to human error.

Choosing the Right Cloud Backup System

Cloud backup is fast, simple to use, automatic and safe, available with different options to suit the needs of your business. When choosing the right cloud backup system, take into consideration the various features on offer such as:

  • Automation capabilities –  what add-ons are available and relevant to your business?
  • Self-service – how much human intervention is involved? Some providers offer 100% automation while others less so.
  • Restore process – how easily and promptly files can be accessed at any given time?
  • Data privacy and security policies – what level of security is needed for your business and where is the data being stored and who will have access?

Many businesses choose to outsource their data management. Here at Blue Sky IT Consulting we offer cost-efficient, managed IT service packages for Coffs Harbour Business Owners. As part of our extensive IT services we can choose and implement the best cloud backup system for your business.

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