Why CCTV Systems Are A Good Investment

Why CCTV Systems Are a Good Investment

For Business and property owners, it is imperative that your premise is secure and safe from theft, vandalism and other crimes. Different levels of CCTV surveillance systems are required depending on your location, size and the value of the property, and its content.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems come in a variety of forms that watch over and record activity within a business or private property. This footage can be viewed within the business, or via smartphones or tablets by approved employees, making it easier to track and monitor.

Monitoring your business or home via a good CCTV system can improve internal and external security in the following ways:

  • Deter would-be criminals from entering or harming the property
  • Discourage theft and fraud, internally and externally
  • Document activity in case of criminal charges being laid
  • Increase efficiency in employees, boosting productivity and therefore profit
  • Help prevent sexual harassment or workplace violence
  • Save money as they are cheaper than employing security staff
  • Increase confidence from your clientele
  • Be used to study customer behaviour, and improve product placement and optimise store traffic
  • Offer a feeling of security for staff working in situations where they may be exposed to the threat of crime

There has been controversy that CCTV infringes on people’s privacy and as a result federal and state courts have ruled they are not to be used in private places, such as bathrooms. While privacy should be considered, it is generally agreed that installed correctly the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

CCTV surveillance systems are a good investment and give peace of mind to business and home owners. They are an affordable method of safeguarding your premise, stock and contents, and provide visual evidence in the case of criminal activity.

Blue Sky IT Consulting pride themselves on offering an extensive range of surveillance and alarm systems. With a wealth of experience and knowledge they can advise and implement the appropriate Surveillance Cameras and Alarm Systems for your Coffs Harbour business or home.

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