Does Your Business Need a Server

Does Your Business Need a Server?

Firstly, congratulations! After all, you’re probably reading this because your business is growing. Therefore, so are your IT needs. That’s good news. So, you’re probably wondering if you need a business server? Perhaps your business has grown beyond two or three employees. And there’s more growth on the horizon. Moreover, passing a USB stick around at the end of the day for backups and sharing is over. Similarly, changing software or anti-virus programs could be done independently after agreeing on a strategy around a table. But that’s probably too clunky a solution now. Eventually, it becomes time to streamline. Plus, you need a reliable backup system. So, let’s look at the key signs you need a business server.

A Business Server Brings Simplicity

Maintaining continuity across numerous computers becomes exponentially more difficult as the number of employees increases. Plus, simple tasks become time-consuming – a resource that’s too precious to waste! On the other hand, a dedicated business server can simplify almost every task. For instance, every computer will receive necessary updates. Moreover, updates can happen automatically whenever or wherever a user logs on. So, that’s network security, anti-virus and software updates sorted. But perhaps the most significant benefit of a server is the centralised sharing of files—a single repository of all shared resources. Your employees will thank you for this. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than working on an out-of-date file.

Fast Access to your Files

A small business server allows for high-demand, high-bandwidth services such as databases, POS, and video. So, when compared with some cloud-based systems, having a dedicated server means greater speed and stability. Plus, you won’t be facing data and access charges associated with using the cloud. For video, particularly hi-res stuff, a dedicated server is a no-brainer. Working with 4K video via the cloud can be a nightmare. Also, a dedicated server means you can upgrade the CPU, RAM, and graphics cards as and when you need to handle increasing file sizes.

A Backup Plan

Even the best employees forget to backup sometimes. The trouble is, you know how this goes. The day they fail, their PC will inevitably crash, and valuable, time-sensitive data will be lost. However, this is no longer an issue with a dedicated business server. Automatic backups are created . Therefore data-loss catastrophes and unproductive downtime are minimised.

Is it time to switch to a Small Business Server? Talk to our friendly team at Blue Sky IT Consulting today.

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