Great IT Support Builds Great Businesses

Great IT Support Builds Great Businesses

‘Have you turned it off and on again?’

We’ve all experienced the horror of poor IT support. The endless waiting in a call queue, the dreadful hold music designed to make you lose all hope and hang up. And when help does finally come, someone barks, ‘have you turned it off and on again?’ Relieved to have at least somebody answer, you gratefully oblige knowing full well you’ve already tried that half a dozen times already. On and on it goes until, as if by a miracle, your issue is fixed. Or, you simply lose the will to care anymore and slide limply to the floor, losing your call as you descend.
Obviously, I’m exaggerating, a little. But I think everybody can relate to this tale. So, what’s gone wrong and how can the IT support experience be improved?

Nurture Your IT Support Team to be Advocates

Although IT support is essentially a technical role, it’s much more than that. For a start, the IT team are operating on the front line of your business. They must be able to communicate with empathy and authority. Your customer must be put at ease as quickly as possible. In other words, good IT support is a very human experience. Therefore, you must provide the training and tools to allow your IT support staff to fully engage and own the customer’s problem. They must believe in your product and display confidence, friendliness and a willingness to listen. In short, if your team are true advocates for your business, even the most irate caller can be won over.

When Hiring Geeks isn’t Enough

All IT businesses need their quota of talented geeks, for sure. Geeks are IT experts with a passion for the tech. But sometimes, they’re just not customer-focused enough for the sharp end of the business. That’s why properly resourcing your search for the right IT support people is paramount. The right people are creative problem solvers. They are doers. And they’re great with people. They enjoy the human connection and being able to make a difference. These individuals are pure gold for a successful IT support department.

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