Setting Up A Reliable Business Internet Connection

Setting Up A Reliable Business Internet Connection

A fast and reliable business internet connection is crucial for optimum productivity. Moreover, it’s also vital for staff wellbeing and happiness. Essentially, if your staff are heading to the coffee machine every time they click on a modest-sized download, you probably need to evaluate your work internet connection. Plus, if you’re plagued with internet dropouts and snail-slow programs, you may have outgrown your internet connection. So, how do you go about setting up a better, rock-solid business internet connection? Let’s see.

Factors Causing a Poor Business Internet Connection

Many things can contribute to an unreliable and slow internet connection. Here are a few main factors:

  • Faulty equipment or incorrect configuration
  • Faulty cabling or equipment outside or at the exchange
  • Cloud services hogging too much bandwidth
  • ISP falling to provide what you’re paying for
  • You’ve outgrown your internet connection

Internet Connection Audit

To get to the bottom of your internet issues, it might be time to call in the IT professionals for an internet connection audit. Essentially, this 5-point audit will identify what you need to maximise productivity and restore calm to the office!

  1. Identify Internet Issues

Meet with management and key employees to discover the day-to-day issues with the connection.

  1. How your business uses the internet

Every business is unique. So, that’s why we look at how exactly your business uses the internet connection. Moreover, this includes both software and hardware.

  1. Test Internet gear

Each part of your internet connection, such as routers, modems, switches and cabling, are thoroughly tested and assessed.

  1. VOIP phone system

We’ll investigate poor quality sound and dropouts.

  1. System Recommendations

Based on the audit, we will supply a list of recommendations to solve all current issues. In addition, we’ll include future-proofing your connection to allow for expansion.

Rest assured, with a new dedicated business internet connection; you can expect several key improvements. For example, much faster speeds, solid reliability, scalability, productivity improvements, and cost reductions.

Chat to our internet connection specialists at Blue Sky IT Consulting today about setting up a better, rock-solid business internet connection.



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