Will The Introduction Of Biometrics Bring An End to Passwords

Will The Introduction Of Biometrics Bring An End To Passwords?

Facial recognition and fingerprint scanning were once thought of to be only for future generations or for use in top-secret government agencies, but now people are using biometric technology to authenticate identity on everyday devices such as smartphones. So will biometrics soon replace your password altogether?

With many different accounts using different passwords, simply remembering your credentials can be tricky. Will biometrics become the standard in authentication? And while we are still using passwords, how can we make them work for us?

Passwords in Business

Usually, most employees are provided with a password in order to access specific applications or systems. The majority of systems rely on passwords because it is simple and in most cases, the only option in authenticating employees’ identity. For a company to switch to biometric-enabled authentication systems, they will be undertaking an expensive and lengthy process.

Will Biometrics Become The New Standard?

Many security experts would prefer if biometrics became the new standard. Major companies like Samsung and Apple have been using biometrics for years, and eventually, when traditional passwords have failed enough, stronger forms of authentication will be implemented. Multi-factor authentication looks more likely, and biometrics will become a key player. More businesses are using single factor (password or pin) with a second factor (smart card or one-time passwords) and are likely to add a biologically unique factor such as biometrics.

How To Avoid Password Risk?

Setting up multi-factor authentications is one way of increasing security. Another is to have employees change their credentials on a regular basis and avoid using words or letters and numbers in order (abc123). Instead, try using a mix of random letters and numbers and add a symbol where possible.

While passwords will be here for a while to come, the standard of authentication is set to change, and biometrics will soon have a big part to play, so if you would like to ready your business security for the future, give us a call at Blue Sky IT Consulting today.

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