How To Avoid Costly Computer Repairs

How To Avoid Costly Computer Repairs

Hardware and software problems can happen without warning and unfortunately come with owning a laptop or desktop computer. What many people don’t realise is that most computer issues can be avoided.

Here are some simple steps to help prevent disasters and keep your computer working as it should.

  1. Don’t use more than one antivirus program. Having multiple programs can slow down performance immensely and can often lead to conflicts which are hard to pinpoint.
  2. Be sure to uninstall any software completely before you install a replacement. Only disabling certain software can lead to errors that are difficult to diagnose and potential lockups.
  3. Run regular malware scans with up-to-date anti-virus software. This will ensure that any malicious files that have been added to your hard drive are identified and cleaned or quarantined.
  4. Holding laptops with one hand is one of the most common ways they are dropped. Placing them down securely can avoid cracked screens and permanent damage to your hard drives.
  5. One of the most avoidable and expensive computer repairs is data retrieval. Make sure you are doing periodic backups.
  6. Be sure to shut down your computer correctly. Sudden power cuts, like from turning your computer off at the socket can cause damage to your hard drives.
  7. Tampering with your hardware can turn simple computer repairs into major computer repairs. Don’t open and try to fix a problem yourself unless you are fully capable.
  8. When handling any internal parts of your laptop or desktop computer, it is essential that you do not transfer any static discharge from your body to the delicate internal components. Grounding yourself can prevent this from occurring.
  9. If you see any signs of failure, such as lockups or sudden crashes be sure to do an immediate back up of your recent files, or if you have no regular back up routine, you should do a full back up of your computer. This simple act could save important work and irreplaceable memories. Don’t use the same physical drive you are using for your files. Using the same device in the event of hardware failure means that both the original and your backups will be irretrievable.

In most cases, people don’t realise these vulnerabilities until it’s too late. Following these simple steps could help reduce serious problems and complicated computer issues.

For more information on computer repairs, fixes or upgrades contact the team at Blue Sky IT Consulting.

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